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    CY-020 全自动双侧面贴标机
    Double sides automatic labeling machine
    产品特点:双面全自动贴标机使用于方形或扁形物体的双面或单面。 加强型设计,加大扭矩设计。 整形带可倾斜设计,标头八维空间调整,任何产品都可在几分钟内调整完毕。主动轴与压辊之间的压力可调节,可以使标签纸行进方向任意调节,而不是普通的弹性压紧,标签跑起来“听之任之”。出标头采用双压辊结构,确保标签拉紧又避免了因底纸模切损伤而产生的断标现象,分段式离合器使张力更加均衡。中英文操作界面,随机帮助系统,操作工人稍加培训即可使用,压带与主机齿轮连接,保证了两条传送带的绝对同步,而无需任何调整。主机采用名厂伺服马达,实现真正闭环控制,避免了普通步进马达的“盲人走路”现象,高精度细分,内置对值编码器,这一切都是为提高精度而设计。多通道的同步器设计,可自动检测被贴物体的准确定位,实现精确贴标。标签经过刮板刮平,无动力海绵辊压紧,动力海绵辊挤压等多道工序完成一次贴标,绝无气泡产生,特别适用于磨砂瓶贴透明标签。可以加装滚贴装置或三辊机构,同时实现圆瓶的自动贴标。
    Product characteristic:
    The double side automatic labeling machine is suitable for square bottles or flat bottles with double mark or single mark.
    The machine is designed with large-power and strengthening structure.
    The shape belt can be inclined, and the labeling head can be adjusted at eight orientations, so the machine can be adjusted successfully in several minutes for any bottle.
    The pressure between the active axle and the press roller can be adjusted, so the running direction of the label can be adjusted freely. The label is only pressed flexibly without causing any distortion.
    The labeling head adopts the structure of the double press guarantees that the label is pulled tightly but isn’t broken because of the underneath paper die-cutting, the separated clutch makes the strain more balanced.
    The touch scree based human interface in Chinese and English with the online helping system makes it easy for operate the machine for the workers. The press belt is geared into the main transporting line, so it makes the two transporting lines work in synchronous absolutely.
    The machine apply the famous server motor, so it realizes real closed loop controlling and it avoids the phenomenon of “the blind man walk”when the machine apply the stepper motor.
    The multi channel encoder detects labeling position precisely at high speed.
    The label is pressed by a flap after applying on bottle and is pressed by the active and passive sponge rollers. So when the label is stuck it hasn’t any air is especially applicable to the crystal bottles labeled with transparent labels.
    The optional air driving and roller labeling set can label round bottles precisely.
    型号 CY-020
    贴标速度 45米/分钟(80-200件/分)
    贴标精度  ±1mm
    贴标最大宽度  190mm(可根据客户的要求另行设计制作)
    被贴物尺寸   厚度:大于等于30mm高度小于等于500mm
    适用标签卷内径  76.2mm
    适用标签外径   最大 300mm
    整机尺寸  3048*1700*1500(mm)
    设备重量   380kg
    使用电力   380/220v;50hz;3000w
    Technical Parameters:
    Type  CY-020
    Production speed   45m/min(80-200B/min)
    Labeling accuracy   ±1mm
    Label max width  190mm(can be raised according to the require)
    Bottle diameter Thickness≧30mm height≦500mm
    Label inner diameter Φ76.2mm
    Label outer diameter  maxΦ330mm
    Outline size 3048*1700*1500(mm)
    Air source   380KG
    Using power   380/220V;50Hz;3000W
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